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Industry News

Several advantages of LCD display screen

Date: 2022-12-10 11:51:00 Click:172   Source:Lcdkiosk

1. The brand of liquid crystal glass determines the value of the product. Generally, manufacturers of high-brightness LCD screens of major commercial brands will mainly choose LG liquid crystal glass. Of course, others are also available, mainly because the large-size LCD glass of each brand is different in high temperature resistance, and the price also has some differences.

2. The uniformity of the backlight of the high-brightness LCD screen, the uniformity of the high-brightness screen of the general manufacturer may only reach 65%-75%, the uniformity of the better manufacturer can reach 75%-85%, and the uniformity of the dot type can reach 90%-95% above. Of course, the price of a well-made high-brightness screen is also different.

3. The brightness of the high-brightness LCD screen. Generally, although the brightness of a good high-brightness screen is high, it will be softer and not dazzling. It is not equal to the illumination of the backlight. (Like the sun, although the light is strong, it is also dazzling.) Brightness value It is a color circumference value, which is related to the color saturation, contrast, and backlight illuminance of the screen made. Therefore, looking at a very bright screen may not necessarily meet the brightness value we require, because what the human eye sees is the illuminance, which is affected by the environment, space size, and other aspects, and the brightness measured by the instrument is the brightness.

4. Temperature, what should be mentioned here is the temperature, the power of a good high-brightness LCD screen is low, and the heat emitted is relatively low. This is mainly because the core is in the packaging process of the LED backlight, and In the application of light efficiency, if the process is not up to standard, the light efficiency cannot be improved, and the higher the heat emitted by the high-brightness screen produced, the more cooling technology is needed to reduce the temperature of the backlight, so as to ensure the normal use of the LED backlight. , but this piece only solves the problem of backlighting, and it has not solved the problem of high temperature encountered by LCD glass. Considering that the high-brightness screen is only a semi-finished product, it is a source of heat generation when used outdoors, so there are currently companies in the market. Aluminum profiles are added to the rear cover shell (changing direction to dissipate heat through heat conduction), making the standard but not the cost.

5. Professional, high-quality high-brightness screen is not only a good light source (LED lamp beads), but also a good choice of light beads, poor packaging technology, good light source, bad LED heat dissipation technology, and poor light guiding technology. No, even if the light guide technology is good and the light efficiency is not well utilized, so when choosing a good high-brightness LCD screen, you must pay attention to whether the manufacturer is professional.

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