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Popular Digital Signage

Our company provides you with a large number of customizable LCD screens, interactive display, outdoor information kiosk, indoor advertising machine, explosion-proof screen, explosion-proof advertising machine and so on, after-sales protection, product guarantee, welcome to contact us!
Outdoor kiosk
One stop customization scheme process
  • Receive consultation Receive consultation - 01 - Receive consultation
  • Understanding Requirements Understanding Requirements - 02 - Understanding Requirements
  • Customized scheme Customized scheme - 03 - Customized scheme
  • Customer confirmation Customer confirmation - 04 - Customer confirmation
  • Sign the contract Sign the contract - 05 - Sign the contract
  • Production and Development Production and Development - 06 - Production and Development
  • Installation and commissioning Installation and commissioning - 07 - Installation and commissioning
  • Use training Use training - 08 - Use training
  • Service follow-up Service follow-up - 09 - Service follow-up
  • After-sale service After-sale service - 10 - After-sale service
Electronic whiteboard
Customer Application Cases
LCD advertising machine has been recognized by customers in many industries
  • Wall mounted advertising machine case
    Wall mounted advertising machine case
  • Vertical advertising machine case
    Vertical advertising machine case
  • Case of frame advertising machine
    Case of frame advertising machine
  • Elevator advertising machine case
    Elevator advertising machine case
  • Outdoor advertising machine case
    Outdoor advertising machine case
  • Case of double screen hanging advertising machine
    Case of double screen hanging advertising machine
  • Wall-mounted advertising machine
    The hotel multimedia information system includes the VOD system of the hotel rooms and the hotel information release and inquiry system of the hotel public area. For example, the introduction of hotel catering, entertainment, conference and other services, through the establishment of information release platform to improve the quality of service at the same time prompt the hotel brand and image.
  • Vertical advertising machine
    The interactive electronic whiteboard can communicate with the computer, connect the electronic whiteboard to the PC, and use the projector to project the contents of the PC to the electronic whiteboard screen, at this time the electronic whiteboard is equivalent to a particularly large area of the handwriting pad, can be written on the arbitrary painting and real-time display on the PC, the file is saved as a graphic file. This function generally requires a dedicated whiteboard software support. PC can be connected to printers, digital booth and other equipment, to achieve real-time recording video display, physical display, printing, etc
  • Interactive advertising machine
    Digital Signage menu boards with built in networking software to allow for updating and controlling content from one central location. Perfect for take away restaurants, fast food displays and food halls.
  • Elevator digital signage case
    Building elevator advertising is the most important form of basic advertising media for customers to implement integrated advertising strategies and realize terminal sales. It is a window that is integrated into people's lives and easy to enter people's vision. The 30-day uninterrupted release period of elevator advertisements constitutes a stable, concentrated, and long-term flow of advertising information in time and space. Therefore, if elevator advertisements are well-made and have a strong If it is decorative, people will not feel rejected even if they read it many times.
  • Explosion-proof display
    Explosion-proof display is suitable for explosive gas environment 1 zone, 2 zone, combustible dust environment 20 zone, 21 zone, 22 zone; Dangerous places; Temperature group for T1-T6, it is suitable for petroleum and petrochemical, chemical, wine, medicine, paint, textile, printing and dyeing, military facilities and other explosive dangerous environment;
  • Hanging double-sided advertising machine
    Double-sided LCD advertising machine double-sided LCD HD advertising machine, ultra-thin body design; Textured brushed metal; High-definition picture quality; Touch speed response; Intelligent split screen; Intelligent remote information release; Timing switch, set in advance, toughened glass screen; logo can be customized, a variety of colors, sizes optional. Double screen advertising machine hanging suspended installation can save ground space. Adopt imported cold rolled steel metal paint board; The surface is fine and seamless; Metal drawing or profile painting process profile frame beautiful thick and strong system stability, shock proof, beautiful appearance. The shape can be customized, the system can be customized.
Why Choose Us
We provide LCD display, electronic whiteboard, inquiry all-in-one, outdoor advertising booth, explosion-proof display and other products, high-quality suppliers, fast delivery, engaged in the production of display for several years, installation engineers experienced, to solve all after-sales problems. Our LCD displays are recognized by people all over the world, in China, the United Kingdom, the United States, Pakistan, India, Portugal, Japan, South Korea and other countries sales, get unanimous praise, let your advertising everywhere, choose us!
Excellent Cost Performance
Excellent Cost Performance
All the products sold by our company are recognized nationwide, quality assurance!
Perfect quality control
Perfect quality control
Products have been certified and approved by authorities
Supply Support Capacity
Supply Support Capacity
We ensures the product withgood quality.suffcient quantityand diversification
rapid transit system
rapid transit system
Fast delivery, transportation is guaranteed, engineers guide installation
About Us
about us

We design innovative touch-screen, digital signage and interactive kiosk solutions that help businesses connect with their customers. Our fully customizable, end-to-end touch kiosks, management software and hardware solutions transform business operations by increasing efficiency and improving customer interactions.

Inspiring companies to do business better.

We’re a select group of highly experienced designers, engineers, software developers and business leaders passionate about advancing the use of digital signages and touch kiosks in public-use environments. As an industry leader, we’re always evolving to meet the ever-changing business and technology landscapes across various industries. At a time and place where customers expect more, our solutions make new forms of customer engagement possible.

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Our Partner
Our partners are ranked in the top 500, which is the most solid backing for our factory. We are proud to sell our LCD screens all over the world and cooperate with advertisers for a win-win situation. Integrity is our purpose, hope all over the world installed our production of LCD digital signs!
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