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Industry News

Quality supplier of explosion-proof display

Date: 2023-03-13 17:00:00 Click:161   Source:Lcdkiosk

Industrial Explosion-proof display shell and the main function analysis of the product, explosion-proof display is a special product in the special industry of the current market for display requirements, such products are generally used in the chemical industry or mine working environment, because these industries special high and the special gas environment is relatively complex, the general use of ordinary display is not safe, Therefore, explosion-proof displays are used.

Our products also adopt standardized and modular hardware design in the device design, high-precision A/D conversion, power module, but also can set the authorization password according to our requirements, in order to prevent our mistakes in the operation, and can query or modify online and other functions.

The explosion-proof display itself also supports wireless network connection and is equipped with wireless network receiver inside. The explosion-proof display system adopts intelligent system, which can support large amount of data transmission and download.

The shell material used by explosion-proof display is generally the choice of carbon steel and stainless steel material, some special industry requirements are very high will choose to use stainless steel explosion-proof shell, if the explosion-proof grade requirements are not very high will choose carbon steel shell.

The installation of each product and the customer's environmental requirements are not the same, some industry explosion-proof display installation needs embedded installation. Because embedded installation can save our space, but the installation difficulty and product design requirements are relatively high, hanging installation is also our more common installation way, compared with embedded, hanging installation is very simple, as long as the product structure and reserved space is no problem, you can directly install.

As a quality Industrial explosion-proof display manufacturer, we provide explosion-proof products are in line with the explosion-proof standards, you are welcome to consult!

Quality supplier of explosion-proof display