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Industry News

Detailed understanding of vehicle advertising machine

Date: 2023-03-24 20:38:00 Click:159   Source:Lcdkiosk

Car advertising machine is a big "weapon" to publicize the products of businesses at present, many businesses will choose to use the advantages of car advertising, to maximize the publicity of their products. To give you popular science under the purchase of car advertising screen attention points, and by the way to understand the advantages of car advertising machine.

We mainly consider the following points in the purchase of vehicle advertising machine:


Taxis and buses are battery power supply, battery use time also determines the voltage performance, a long time will appear voltage instability, and some even break or no power supply, if the battery voltage problem on the vehicle display is a direct impact, light burning lamp burning chip or power supply, heavy the whole screen paralysis, Even if it's fixed, it's no longer possible to work in the car, so that requires the power supply in the car's display screen to have an overcurrent protection feature.

2、seismic performance

Car screen advertising is usually installed on the taxi or bus, which is flowing, especially the taxi advertising machine, the car may go to the road is not good, it requires the seismic performance of the car display at least 8 level above, in order to long.

Detailed understanding of vehicle advertising machine

The advantage of using a car advertising machine

Compared with traditional on-board media, sharing on-board advertising screen has the following qualitative changes and advantages:

1、From the way of transaction. From the traditional offline transaction to online transaction, users can directly purchase advertising services through wechat, reducing the marginal cost of transaction;

2、from the form of expression. From the traditional form of hard to change pasted body stickers to the full-color multimedia form controlled by mobile phones;

3、Standardization reform. Screen trace car shadow car media through standardized transformation, the traditional non-target service into a standardized service, so as to lay the foundation for the realization of large-scale operation.

4、From the way of push. From the traditional way of widely advertised push to algorithm recommendation thousands of information flow form;