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Digital signage is woven into our lives

Date: 2023-04-03 11:19:00 Click:164   Source:Lcdkiosk

In the field of digital signage, the importance of interactive applications is self-evident, however, for now, the market of its cognition is still in the conceptual level, in the practical level, its value is still to be mined, the obvious sign is that many of the interactive digital signage has been built as a "face project". For example, some interactive digital signs installed at airports, high-speed rail stations and other places with high concentrations of people still mainly undertake the task of unilateral information push, and fail to really attract the audience to interact with them.

A big reason for this awkwardness is that so-called interactive digital signage, which still requires the audience to take the initiative, is too superficial, and as the popularity of applications, the novelty wears off, naturally no longer arouses the interest of the audience. Nowadays, the deepening and diversification of touch technology has enhanced the initiative of the audience to a large extent, and it is more able to reflect the significance of interaction.

One of the main reasons whyinteractive digital signage is so popular compared to traditional digital signage is that it is more active and flexible. This is especially necessary as the application of interactive digital signage expands in the retail market. Driven by manufacturers, the market demand for interactive digital signage has been formed, and technological improvements will give users greater confidence in their applications. It is foreseeable that, under the push of touch technology innovation, interactive digital signage will step into the substantial sense of the popularity of the period.

Digital signage is woven into our lives