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Common functions of touch query all-in-one machine

Date: 2023-05-17 15:11:00 Click:363   Source:Lcdkiosk

In addition to the touch query function, the touch integrated machine can also add some functions as needed, making it more applicable to every place in real life. So what functions can be added to the touch screen all-in-one machine?

Common functions of touch query all-in-one machine

1. TV function: Add color TV tuner and TV card, borrow touch computer TV all-in-one 1080P full high-definition LCD/LED LCD display screen (suitable for homes, units, enterprises...)

2. Computer function: The touch control all-in-one machine itself is a deformed computer, combining the main unit box and display screen into one. A touch all in one machine equipped with WIFI or 3G modules can also access the internet wirelessly. (Applicable to families, units, factories, and companies)

3. Karaoke function: The touchscreen all-in-one machine has a WINDOW operating system, and after installing the KTV on-demand software and database, it has a karaoke function: click and sing, convenient for entertainment. (Suitable for family or workplace gatherings)

Common functions of touch query all-in-one machine

4. Telephone function: Touch the computer TV all-in-one machine to access the optical fiber broadband for video phone. By installing the video software function, you can make free video phone at home and abroad, within and outside the province, and at home and abroad. (Applicable to households, businesses, and public places)

5. Video game function: Since the touch control all-in-one machine itself is a computer, of course, it can be used as a video game. It can be connected to the controller, steering wheel, joystick, dance blanket, and play electronic games such as racing, shooting, fighting against landlords, World of Warcraft, Dream Journey to the West, and Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

6. Conference function: multimedia conference speech, planning scheme explanation, remote video, electronic documents, etc. can be plug and play on the conference touch all-in-one machine with the help of the U disk, without the need for projectors, projection screens, computers, slide shows, DVD players and other redundant equipment.

7. Whiteboard function: The display screen of the large-sized touch integrated machine serves as an electronic whiteboard that allows you to write and draw freely, without the need for pen erasing, and is environmentally friendly. You can write with a pen or hand, delete it freely, store it, and record it. (Applicable to schools, training institutions, hotel conference rooms, government agencies, or internal training, insurance companies, securities companies)

The touch query all-in-one machine is widely used in the real estate industry. With the comprehensive rise of the real estate industry, real estate posters and brochures are distributed everywhere in different cities. This is undoubtedly not a tactic for real estate developers to create momentum and promote. However, with the continuous rise of the high-tech industry, real estate developers are also borrowing high-tech to continuously improve their building promotion plans.

Recently, a new technological product has entered various well-known real estate companies, which is the touch query all-in-one machine. Real estate developers use the touch query all-in-one machine to combine the large screen touch screen with the 3D simulation display software of the manufactured property. This move is vivid and illustrated, showcasing the astronomical location of the company's property, the surrounding environment of the property, and the manufacturing structure of the property The indoor structure of the real estate and the flexible and vivid planning of the indoor structure are clearly demonstrated, and this perfect combination undoubtedly plays a smooth role in promoting the real estate development of real estate developers.