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Elevator advertising machine

Elevator display successfully installed and put into use

Date: 2022-11-03 Click:197   Source:Lcdkiosk

Elevator displays are relatively common to everyone, and usually display some advertisements for food ordering agencies, safety knowledge, fire protection knowledge, and real estate.

Elevator display successfully installed and put into use

We have sold a large number of elevator displays and provided after-sales and installation services. At present, they have been sold, installed and put into use in China, the United States, India and other places, making the advertisements of many enterprises well known.

Elevator advertising machine is one of the most popular forms of advertisers now, because the dynamic mode of elevator advertising machine makes up for the deficiency of static form, and the screen is more dynamic.

Elevator display successfully installed and put into use

Installing elevator displays has the following advantages:

1. For various consumer groups, the advertising reach rate is high and the effect is good.

2. The audience gets on and off the elevator more times every day, and the advertisements are read more times.

3. Advertisements in elevators are not affected by factors such as seasons, climates, and time of day, ensuring the effectiveness of advertisements.

4. The cost of advertising is low, and the target of publicity is wide.

6. Prominent environment, the brand is easier to recall, the environment in the elevator is quiet, the space is small, the distance is close, the picture is exquisite, and the contact is intimate.

7. During the time of taking the elevator, the audience's vision will automatically focus on the advertisement content. From forced to automatic in traditional advertising.

8. Visual compulsion, the elevator TV screen is set in the elevator, and it is in contact with the audience in a limited space, forming a mandatory viewing effect.

5. There is no choice. There are only advertisements in the elevator. The pictures and text information are inseparable. Advertisements inevitably enter everyone's field of vision.

Elevator display successfully installed and put into use

We can customize a large number of elevator displays for you. Functions, logos, and scenes can all be customized. Engineers can conduct installation teaching and after-sales service has great advantages. Welcome to learn more about us!