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Explosion-proof display

Explosion-proof display installed in xx Company

Date: 2023-03-14 Click:183   Source:Lcdkiosk

The explosion-proof display produced by our company is used in XX company. The explosion-proof display is a high-brightness, one-two-color explosion-proof display developed by semiconductor LED technology. It can be used with PC or directly with PLC master controller or intelligent controller with communication port to carry out uninterrupted safety instructions, operation information or operation in Chinese, English words, numbers or other forms. So that the operator can freely understand the information about safety or control the machine equipment/system.

Explosion-proof display is a kind of product which is widely used in petrochemical industry, explosion-proof shell plus explosion-proof display or explosion-proof shell plus ordinary LCD screen to meet the explosion-proof use requirements of display equipment in inflammable and explosive places. Our company has developed explosion-proof shell suitable for display using through the introduction of excellent technicians, and the product is beautiful in appearance and the details are processed in place.

Widely used in petroleum, chemical, textile, medicine, mining machinery, metallurgy, electric power and other dangerous places with explosive gas, dust safety monitoring system, mechanical equipment control system, or mechanical equipment production line automation control system.

The explosion-proof display we produce is mainly converted from the ordinary display, with strong operability, excellent quality and other characteristics, he inherited all the functions of the original display is only to increase the explosion-proof function of the display, really explosion-proof! We generally use 4MM steel plate welding flameproof box to put the display in, if the display needs panel operation can also open the explosion-proof button, convenient, fast, beautiful! Strictly in accordance with the explosion-proof standards for design and production!

Explosion-proof display can be customized, generally can be customized IPS, LED, LCD and other materials display!