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Explosion-proof display

Explosion-proof computer & explosion-proof display supplier

Date: 2023-03-14 Click:212   Source:Lcdkiosk

Explosion-proof computers and industrial explosion-proof displays are used in pharmaceutical factories, production workshops and other industrial environments, and there are 1 and 2 dangerous zones. Explosion-proof display to adapt to the range of scenarios and characteristics of the application, explosion-proof display can be used in a variety of special industries, such as some petrochemical and pharmaceutical industries and so on some special environment. The explosion-proof display used in each industry has different requirements for the explosion-proof level of products, so it is very important for us to choose the product model.

Each equipment will have a professional application field, our explosion-proof display products are the same, when we choose professional explosion-proof display, we must find a professional enterprise or quality brand, not only can improve the explosion-proof safety factor of the product, but also give us users to reduce worries, in addition. Explosion-proof display is mainly characterized by flexible installation of products, product design is also designed according to the national standard requirements, can choose different installation methods according to our different industries, generally commonly used installation methods are wall-mounted, vertical or flat installation operation.

Explosion-proof computer & explosion-proof display supplier

We can also carry out the planning and placement, so we suggest that we first provide the location of the installation products, so that manufacturers like us can provide the most reliable installation method. Durable appearance is also the characteristics of explosion-proof display, many people consider more is the quality of the product itself.

In fact, this is only the key part of attention, in fact, the appearance is also very important, generally explosion-proof products shell will be made of high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting or steel plate welding, and then after high-speed shot blasting powder electrostatic spray, not only good appearance, function is the same.

Explosion-proof products pay great attention to the after-sales service of products, once the use of products quality problems or operational problems, the first time to find professional maintenance personnel. If the phone can communicate and solve in time, it will not only save a lot of time for our enterprise, but also improve the safety factor of the product, so the after-sales service must be done well when buying the product.