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Explosion-proof display

Explosion-proof display suitable environment

Date: 2023-03-14 Click:194   Source:Lcdkiosk

With the rapid economic development of our country, the safety of production is related to the safety of people's life and property, common dangerous environment area is divided into zone 0, zone 2,  zone 3, and the temperature group the higher and better, suitable for petrochemical industry, sour wine, medicine, paint, textile, printing and dyeing military facilities and other explosive dangerous environment.

Gas, dust double explosion-proof certification,

suitable for a wider range of places

The brightness of conventional products is 300cd/m2,

and higher brightness products can be produced according to demand

External surface powder electrostatic spraying treatment,

strong corrosion resistance

Explosion-proof display suitable environment

The display shall work properly under the following environmental conditions:

  • Ambient temperature: 0℃~+40℃;

  • Average relative humidity: not more than 95% (25℃);

  • Atmospheric pressure: 86kPa~ 106kPa;

  • Where there is no significant vibration or shock;

  • Coal mine underground with methane and explosive mixture, but no corrosive gas damage insulation occasions.

Explosion-proof display has high safety, through the explosion-proof technology to eliminate safety risks. Our explosion-proof display has been put into use in XX Company,The company mainly uses explosion-proof displays for control systems, statistical data and other applications.

Explosion-proof display suitable environment