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Vertical advertising machine

The highway uses LCD advertising machines

Date: 2023-04-20 Click:180   Source:Lcdkiosk

Highway outdoor advertising machine is favored by more and more advertisers mainly because it has the following three advantages:

1. Expressway, as an important communication hub between cities, is favored by the majority of people due to its high-speed, direct and fast characteristics, and has become the most popular daily travel mode. Highway outdoor advertising machine also because of the wide audience of passengers, long playing time, large flow has become the core advantage of many advertisers.

2. The highway along the landscape is simple, repeated, highway outdoor advertising machine uses bright LCD screen, delicate picture quality, picture, video display effect is better intuitive, simple, stronger impact. Advertising transmission rate, higher reception rate, better advertising effect!

3. Low damage rate and low after-sales maintenance cost. Highway outdoor advertising machine less human contact, animal contact probability is low, so the intentional damage rate is almost zero, outdoor advertising machine itself has waterproof, lightning protection, microbial protection effect, therefore, the highway outdoor advertising machine damage rate is low, which is also effectively reduce the cost of advertisers.

At present, the highway outdoor advertising machine has basically completed the digital, network, intelligent requirements, to meet the basic needs of customers advertising. In the future, the direction of highway outdoor advertising machine should be low energy consumption, high-speed wireless network, artificial intelligence, personalized and other more vertical characteristics, which is also the direction we have been working on, hoping to introduce more products to meet customer needs, to contribute our strength to the commercial display market!