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Double screen hanging advertising machine

Double screen wall mounted advertising machine

Date: 2022-11-03 Click:226   Source:Lcdkiosk

Double-sided wall mounted advertising machine is often used in buildings, hotels and other places. In order to make their ads attract people's attention, advertisers have installed double-sided wall mounted advertising machine in different places. This product has many advantages!

Double screen wall mounted advertising machine

LCD advertising machine is a commercial display electronic equipment, and we see the daily LCD TV and some similar, but the LCD advertising machine has more powerful functions. In addition to the fashionable appearance, it can also play a variety of material content, and can control multiple devices in a unified way from the remote terminal, such as playing animation, video, text, pictures, news, programs, etc., which is more simple and convenient to operate. Besides, the background can realize the customized clip and play the content, as well as the playback period, frequency and mode, and also has the split-screen function. The cost in the later use is very low.

The deployment of LCD advertising machines in supermarkets and elevators, no matter for the broadcast of advertising or process advertising, although it can not achieve the desire to buy directly, it can create a subtle influence, improve the brand awareness, and have an impact on the later purchase desire, because when the brand has been remembered in people's minds, This is also the potential long-term effect of LCD advertising machines.

In addition to brand awareness, many merchants use to broadcast product promotional information, promotional information, etc., can create a better atmosphere, so as to attract more consumers, stimulate consumers' purchase desire and close the relationship with each other.

In summary, liquid crystal advertising machine can bring benefits is actually very considerable, can be favored by more users, and, with the continuous maturity of technology, the current liquid crystal advertising machine can realize the installation of very many ways, support wall hanging, lifting, landing vertical installation, in the product design level, advertising machine support conventional thickness and ultra-thin design, It also supports windows and Android.

Double screen wall mounted advertising machine

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