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Vertical advertising machine

Interactive display goes live in subway station

Date: 2022-12-15 Click:180   Source:Lcdkiosk

The vertical touch all-in-one machine is well known to everyone. It is used by many advertisers in subway stations, bus stations, banks, shopping malls and other places. Walking in the bustling streets, the appearance of advertising machines will always make our eyes shine. Whether it is a mobile phone or a wall-mounted advertising machine, it will attract people's attention.

The vertical touch all-in-one machine was installed and put into use in a subway station. Engineers conducted installation teaching and supervision. It is easy to install, has multiple playback modes, and can read files in various formats. Pedestrians can obtain information according to their needs, such as viewing subway routes, the latest train number information, etc. In addition, pedestrians can also click on the screen to conduct self-service inquiries.

Interactive display goes live in subway station

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