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Wall mounted advertising machine

Wall-mounted advertising machines were put into use in the subway

Date: 2023-03-13 Click:167   Source:Lcdkiosk

With the rapid development of Chinese market, unprecedented prosperity of commerce and rapid improvement of consumer level, both in high-end social places and ordinary public consumption places, all efforts are made to enhance the means of marketing, sales and service for consumers.

Programme recommendations:

1. Floor-to-ceiling advertising machines or LCD splicing screens are placed at the door of stores;

2. Hoisting advertising machine is installed in shopping channel;

3. Wall-mounted advertising machine is installed in the cashier area.

Solution value: The multimedia publishing system can quickly bring advanced and high-grade brand image to the chain retail industry, and help the sales and service personnel to intuitively and vividly carry out the sales and service work, and provide the sales effectiveness. In addition, it can realize the centralized management and unified release of all kinds of commodity promotion information.

Wall mounted advertising machine in China Shenzhen metro put into use, attract people's eyes, our advertising is known to the public, our production of wall mounted advertising machine has quality assurance, through ATEX certification and IECEx certification. Welcome to consult!

Wall-mounted advertising machines were put into use in the subway