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xx hospital put into inquiry all-in-one machine

Date: 2023-03-13 Click:179   Source:Lcdkiosk

We have cooperated with xx Hospital of Shandong Province in China for many years, and the medical self-service terminal equipment provided by us has been used in many hospitals in Shandong Province, and the equipment runs well. My company independent design, research and development, production of multi-functional self-service laboratory single take single machine, has been in Linyi area a number of maternal and child health care hospital, people's hospital, hospital of traditional Chinese medicine, CDC and other medical units in large areas into use.

Query all-in-one machine is widely used, mostly in hospitals, banks, libraries and other places.

Decca multifunctional module realizes the reading and interaction of various information, which greatly facilitates the patient's medical experience. As well as the self-printing of nucleic acid test reports during the epidemic, the efficiency and safety are guaranteed. The new technology and new appearance of the equipment make these terminal equipment become a beautiful scenery in the use environment.

xx hospital put into inquiry all-in-one machine

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