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Industry News

The advantages of vertical advertising machine and wall advertising machine

Date: 2022-12-20 17:03:00 Click:150   Source:Lcdkiosk

In shopping malls, hospitals, business units and many other places we can see some electronic advertising screen, we call it advertising machine. Which advertising machine is simply divided into vertical advertising machine and wall advertising machine, I believe we can distinguish from the name, so what are the characteristics of vertical advertising machine and wall advertising machine? Let me introduce the features of these two advertising machines for you!

vertical advertising machine

Features of vertical advertising machine:

1, anyone after simple training, can operate.

2, vertical advertising machine placement is more random and attractive.

3, can operate independently on the machine, but also can operate online network.

4. At present, the landing advertising machine has shoe polishing advertising machine, mirror advertising machine, multi-screen advertising machine, wechat photo printing advertising machine, etc., which can be added according to the needs of customers.

Characteristics of wall mounted advertising machine:

1. Wall-mounted advertising machine can be hung on walls or other objects to become a unique landscape of space decoration.

2. It is easier to capture the eyeballs of customers and achieve the purpose of publicity

3, can comprehensively improve the brand image of merchants, can quickly release promotional information, new product news, the first time to convey the most concerned business information for users.