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Outdoor advertising machine essential function

Date: 2022-12-30 14:45:00 Click:206   Source:Lcdkiosk

Outdoor advertising machine is mainly to consider whether waterproof heat resistance and other issues, when selecting outdoor contact advertising machine, the layout should use projective capacitive contact screen, because they are more durable, an outstanding touch screen needs to be equipped with high-quality software drivers, which is the driving force on the back of the screen, can make the screen accurately and correctly detect the contact input, Outdoor advertising machine manufacturer distribution system is a good digital signage driver software, has been popular in many large-scale use.

1.Waterproof and sunscreen: As we all know, outdoor elements are volatile and subject to dramatic changes. The temperature varies greatly throughout the year. There will be rain and wind, humidity levels will change, and damage to the digital screen may be added. Rainy days and direct/direct sunlight will affect the visibility of the outdoor digital display. These are all we need to consider, with waterproof sunscreen characteristics. Even on a rainy day, it can operate without any impact!

2.outdoor highlight LCD screen: Anyone who has used a laptop or watched TV outside knows that whether the screen is in direct sunlight, or even in the dark, the brightness of the screen will affect the visibility. A screen with insufficient brightness and poor anti-reflection processing can make images difficult to see. If the image is not fully visible, then the capital investment of field LCD solutions is wasted. Outdoor digital signs with high definition, bright, adjustable characteristics, so that your advertising has a beautiful visual enjoyment!

3.constant temperature: a light bulb after a long time, will also be hot, in fact, this has a great impact on the life of the product, outdoor contact advertising machine choose intelligent temperature control system heat dissipation and heating, outdoor advertising machine manufacturers make advertising machine has a constant temperature role, making the service life of advertising machine longer!