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Industry News

Why is LCD advertising machine worth choosing?

Date: 2023-03-06 10:36:00 Click:167   Source:Lcdkiosk

With the rapid development of the Internet, the network LCD advertising machine also develops rapidly in the advertising industry, to meet the needs of network advertising. Network LCD advertising machine can realize information display, video advertising and other functions by means of networking and multimedia system control. In order to achieve these functions, the network LCD advertising machine has many characteristics. So what are the characteristics of the network LCD advertising machine? Let's take a look.

One. Diversity

The use of network advertising machine management system can play colorful graphic information, real-time video images and a variety of video source programs, can play around or up and down different proportions of the image and text. Moreover, it has the function of independently controlling the contents of each display screen, which can realize the scroll up and down, left and right of the picture, and can also superimpose text, pictures, animation, etc., to the video image.

Two. Stability

Network LCD advertising machine using advanced embedded operating system, using disk redundant array, disk capacity, fault tolerance, connection disk ability is strong, so the stability of network advertising machine management system is very important, can greatly improve the output of the disk, fault tolerance and internal disk connection ability, greatly ensure the network end-to-end service quality.

Three, scalability

Network LCD advertising machine management system is a kind of application platform, it can continue to expand, constantly upgrade, as long as equipped with the network interface, you can network with the computer, play from the information network or public information network of all kinds of information. In addition, the network advertising machine management system can also be based on the relevant needs of customers, the function of the corresponding expansion.

 LCD advertising machine

Four, remote operation

1, the same IP: the LCD advertising machine provides that the IP address of the device and the IP address of the computer control terminal is in the same fixed IP address.

2, not the same as an IP: if the customer must be unified in the global scope of each LCD advertising machine, then can buy a cloud server or to the operator to buy.

3, the local area network, liquid crystal advertising machine is to put it bluntly has the role of the Internet, so liquid crystal advertising machine is generally in the condition of data connection to carry out the actual operation, according to the background management multimedia data information release system to carry out a series of product announcement.

4, 4G Internet: if you want to apply the network advertising machine in the absence of wifi network, then you can show that there is no local area network in the case of commodity information, and then you must modify the 4G card.

 LCD advertising machine

LCD advertising machine is a new generation of intelligent equipment, it through the terminal software control, network information transmission and multimedia terminal display, constitute a complete advertising broadcast control system. The rapid development trend of data information management, the main use of liquid crystal advertising machine also continues to improve, just like the network liquid crystal advertising machine can play network advertising, because of the development of the Internet and upgrade the function. I believe in the future, LCD advertising machine technology will be more and more advanced, will meet the needs of more and more people.