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Industry News

An explosion-proof computer monitor worth choosing

Date: 2023-03-14 11:32:00 Click:148   Source:Lcdkiosk

1, explosion-proof form of the use of flameproof material, compound design, safe and reliable products;

2, the shell adopts flameproof structure design, high strength aluminum alloy material and integrated processing molding, solid and reliable;

An explosion-proof computer monitor worth choosing

3. Transparent parts are also made of white plane explosion-proof tempered glass with high strength and high transmittance;

4, according to demand,

According to the demand, can be configured with safety explosion-proof touch screen, can also be equipped with other parts; Explosion-proof touch screen is highly efficient and sensitive, which can be safely touched in explosive and dangerous places. And the touch pad can be anti-static treatment, effectively avoid the risk of electrostatic spark ignition. Our explosion-proof computer & explosion-proof display are explosion-proof certification, in line with the use of industrial dangerous places, both in terms of structure and performance to meet the explosion-proof requirements!