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Industry News

A brief introduction to explosion-proof computers

Date: 2023-03-14 14:04:00 Click:182   Source:Lcdkiosk

Explosion-proof computer is widely used in all kinds of explosive environment places, the product is mainly good heat dissipation performance and also has protection, the internal and external equipped with heat conduction hardware, heat dissipation effect is several times higher than the previous effect of aluminum alloy heat fin, the heat dissipation method is also positive pressure type, the product accessories also use the effect of internal ventilation.

A brief introduction to explosion-proof computers

The heat to the cabinet will be taken away by the air directly, through the replacement of the medium heat dissipation, this kind of heat dissipation accessories use cost is not high, the cost of product maintenance is relatively low, the only disadvantage is that the shell is relatively heavy, compared with the flameproof type of volume to be more small, the product heat dissipation effect is high, the quality is lighter, the use cost of explosion-proof computer box is more expensive, the cost of maintenance is relatively high.

The shell body of explosion-proof computer is generally made of aluminum alloy shell die-casting molding, the material of this aluminum alloy is becoming smaller and smaller in the market. Now the mainstream use of materials are stainless steel welding molding, the product surface also needs to be sprayed with plastic treatment, in our production will generally use compound, internal equipped with a variety of explosion-proof electrical accessories can also be in accordance with the electrical schematic provided by the user and the technical parameters of the product requirements to customize a we use the most appropriate explosion-proof electrical appliances.

General industrial use of explosion-proof computer is divided into two kinds, one is flameproof type of explosion-proof computer, there is a positive pressure type of explosion-proof computer.

Explosion-proof computer box is a composite switch box using flameproof type structure, the product has a strong waterproof and dustproof function, the material can be selected according to customers, such as carbon steel, stainless steel can be selected, the display can be made into a single side can also be made into double-sided explosion-proof computer use.

Explosion-proof computer products can also be equipped with protective doors or explosion-proof buttons, explosion-proof indicators, explosion-proof ammeter and other explosion-proof accessories for use, as well as boxes for additional protective products that can demonstrate the internal information of our products and achieve a high protective effect outdoors according to the requirements of Hu.

The explosion-proof computers sold by our company have been ATEx certification and IECEx certification, can be sold in the European Union, North America, China and other countries, can be customized, explosion-proof signs can be re-certified choice, you are welcome to know more about!

A brief introduction to explosion-proof computers