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Industry News

Touch explosion-proof display manufacturers

Date: 2023-03-15 10:13:00 Click:174   Source:Lcdkiosk

Touch explosion-proof display must meet the corresponding national explosion-proof mark, such as IEC60079 and EC60079 series standards, touch explosion-proof display structure and performance must meet the explosion-proof requirements.

IP protection level: IP55/IP65;

Corrosion protection grade: WF1/WF2;

Installation mode: hanging/floor type;

Suitable for flammable and explosive occasions (coal mine. Chemical, petroleum, electric power and other industries), high safety factor, strong operation function, stable performance, etc. Explosion-proof components in the flameproof shell can be installed explosion-proof buttons, explosion-proof components, explosion-proof signal lights, explosion-proof switch and explosion-proof instruments and other explosion-proof components and AC contactors, thermal relays, temperature controllers and various functional modules and other common electrical components; The increased safety shell is equipped with buttons, control switches, instruments and other explosion-proof components. The aluminum alloy shell is die-cast, the surface is sprayed plastic, beautiful appearance! We produce and sell touch explosion-proof display for many countries, such as: Pakistan, China, the United States and so on. Touch explosion-proof display has the corresponding explosion-proof certification, you are welcome to know more about it!

Touch explosion-proof display manufacturers