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Industry News

The advantages of LCD splicing screen

Date: 2023-03-15 10:43:00 Click:170   Source:Lcdkiosk

Advantages of LCD splicing screen:

1, display screen brightness is high

The brightness of the LCD splicing screen is as high as 700cd/㎡, compared with the traditional display equipment, the brightness is 2-3 times higher, the LCD splicing screen display screen high brightness used in the outdoor environment, can ensure that it is not affected by the strong outdoor light, the user can see the screen displayed in each Angle, and no sunlight reflected over, It doesn't have a negative effect on people's eyes. A traditional display screen used outside would be so dark that you couldn't see what was on the screen.

2, ultra-thin characteristics

Compared with traditional display devices, the ultra-thin feature of LCD splicing screen is more advantageous in outdoor environment. The ultra-thin feature of the splicing screen allows it to be hung on the wall or placed on the ground, and can be installed and placed in a variety of ways. The bulky size of traditional display equipment makes it can only be installed on the ground, and the requirements on the ground are relatively high, the ground must be strong enough, and the heavy weight to the installation also brings a certain trouble.

The advantages of LCD splicing screen

3, easy to maintain

The performance of the LCD splicing screen is stable and rarely fails. If it is installed in the outdoor environment, there is no need to send a special person to carry out the maintenance work of the screen. It only needs to be repaired once every once in a while. But compared with other large display screen, not only the frequency of failure is high, but also more trouble to maintain, to the future maintenance work caused a certain trouble.

4, large display screen

Compared with the traditional display device, the screen size is not limited, the size is spliced at will. The number and size of the spliced panels can be determined according to the outdoor surroundings used. Users can view it from many angles and from a long distance. But traditional display devices are limited in brightness and size, so you have to stand right in front of the screen to get a good look. Summary of the LCD Mosaic screen encyclopedia information.

The advantages of LCD splicing screen