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Industry News

The difference between explosion-proof display and ordinary display

Date: 2023-03-21 21:55:00 Click:144   Source:Lcdkiosk

Explosion-proof display is a kind of explosion-proof products used in chemical industry area and coal mine underground, and ordinary display can not be used in chemical industry and coal mine underground.

Explosion-proof display makes the level of industrial control in dangerous places reach a new level. It can be used in oil, oil depot, chemical industry, coal mine and other dangerous places with dangerous gas zone 1, Zone 2, and dust zone 21, 22. Combined with temperature, pressure, humidity, sensors and other external equipment, can be used as a dangerous place automation control equipment, but also as a dangerous place automation management software. Can also be configured in explosion-proof dangerous places explosion-proof keyboard and mouse, can install a variety of open operating systems, support a variety of software interfaces. Build an automated office matrix. Can be extended lightweight appearance, easy to handle and use.

In essence, the explosion-proof display and ordinary display function is the same, only the display appearance, internal circuit, battery components through special transformation, so that it can meet the explosion-proof requirements.