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The composition of digital signage

Date: 2023-03-29 09:44:00 Click:135   Source:Lcdkiosk

Digital signage is our recent discussion more questions, because digital signage is a relatively advanced sign products, is also a direction of the development of the sign industry. So it makes sense for us to focus on the analysis of digital signage. Today, our topic is the components of digital signage, that is to say, what are the components of digital signage, we have sorted out the following four parts:

1、the shell part, the shell is the part we can see intuitively, digital signs will not just be a screen, we see in reality digital signs will be a variety of shapes, looks very beautiful and generous, and is not a separate display, so, this shell has a very important decorative role, although in the function of the digital signs to help little, But digital signage is also part of the whole sign system, from the shape of the contours of course need to be consistent with the overall style, so the shell is essentially as important as other sign products.

2、display, we at the current stage of digital signage experience should be a deep touch screen, this is a typical display equipment, is an important link between digital signage and user interaction.

3、the operating system, the shell is no soul, the display itself is no soul, and why digital signs can show various types of file information, not only text and text, as well as voice and video files, are not the words, in fact, our popular simple and rough digital signs understanding as a computer, what problems will be solved, the machine to run, You have to have an operating system, and that system is the core to ensure that all kinds of documents can be presented to the user.

4、Application layer, with the first three basic hardware and software equipment, what do we need to show on digital signage? For machines, files are of course, although users will eventually see all kinds of beautiful pictures, text, audio or video, but for machines, they are just file information in different formats, so we call these information collectively as the application layer. This application layer includes two aspects, one is the content of file information itself. On the other hand is the application layer software that presents the file.