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Industry News

The application of digital signage in commercial places

Date: 2023-03-29 09:49:00 Click:150   Source:Lcdkiosk

In recent years, the business intelligence sign guide system has expanded the application scope of digital signage to a large extent, providing chain brand stores with new experience of product display and user interaction. Based on the data collection, it analyzes the regional hot spots, human flow and consumer group attributes, providing data support for the placement of goods and the selection of hot-selling goods. Realize intelligent remote control management and real-time update of sign advertising information, today take you to understand the typical application of smart digital signs in commercial places:

1、Intelligent digital screens are widely used, especially in the intelligent guide system in the public areas of commercial places. Interactive applications can be operated intuitively only through gesture sensing. Improve user experience.

2、combined with face recognition technology, interactive business places intelligent digital signage through the user click and measure the specific content of the intelligent guide logo, further evaluate the effectiveness of advertising activities and the proportion of return on investment, integration of face recognition and touch screen application and accurately measure the target audience interested in the content, Digital signage helps create more targeted business placards for advertising and promotional business activities.

3、Synchronous visual and auditory interaction to achieve user interaction and engagement, and use cloud computing and AI artificial intelligence to open more new and wonderful platforms and business opportunities for enterprises and industries.

4、Interactive smart display is applied in many aspects, and standardized software development tools and operating platforms are used to ensure its greater popularity. For example, digital poster screens and digital side signs in commercial shopping centers touch type are used to raise the sign guide system of smart shopping malls to a new height.

Intelligent digital signage in commercial places based on Internet technology and innovative thinking, to achieve the digital information of commercial place signage system, to enhance the brand and give users a new experience in efficient service, boost the upgrade and transformation of the retail industry, it is not difficult to see that its development focus has quickly transferred to the interactive content of commercial digital signage system, and gradually form a general trend, Enable digital signage to meet new development opportunities and challenges.

The application of digital signage in commercial places