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Common Problem

Smart Education campus uses digital signage

Date: 2023-04-04 15:35:00 Click:249   Source:Lcdkiosk

In the gradual update of technology, digital signage has undergone a change from stand-alone to online, and then from dynamic display to touch interactive transformation. At present, the application of digital signage in schools has become a trend.

So what are the benefits of deploying digital signage in schools? In the school, in addition to the regular digital signs to play information, such as the library, reading room and other places can also use the touch of the digital sign inquiry, so that students can easily and quickly find the required books, and can be set up according to the habits of modern people some interesting comments and other content, enhance students' interest and practice.

Demand analysis

In addition to the strength of hardware facilities, the school needs to display more soft power energy and image. Multimedia display system can be like a window opened to let more people have a glance at the whole picture of the school, such as: The history of the school, the development history of each department, the stories of celebrities, the introduction of key disciplines, the introduction of the State key laboratory, the visit of leaders and so on many other information to show the style of the school can be carried out in real time at the gate of the main building, significant public areas and other places, so that the new students and visitors to know more about the school.

There is a lot of information that needs to be transmitted within the school, such as knowledge, teaching information, curriculum information, teaching management information and so on. Information release system can be in different occasions, for different audiences, at different times, display different content.

For students of different grades, curriculum arrangement information, advanced deeds, student selection, teaching achievements, urgent notices, famous sayings and other contents are displayed to realize targeted information transmission. In the face of faculty and staff, management information, meeting information, excellent teacher selection, work trends and daily life information are released.

Application scenario analysis

1. campus gate, main building hall application

At present, many schools have installed led screen or LCD TV and splicing large screen display equipment in the campus gate, the main building hall and the hall of each department, which is mainly used to release the school or the department's propaganda film, welcome speech, announcement, notice and other information. The aim is to promote the school's strength and image.

2. Application of administrative office building

One or more information release points are installed at the lobby, elevator entrance and landing of the administrative office building, which is conducive to the release of college notices, announcements, news, meeting schedule, working guidelines, study policies and meeting spirit. Its purpose is to improve work efficiency and execution, enhance the recognition and visibility of information; What's better is to strengthen the timeliness and accuracy of information and improve the coverage area of information; It has improved the executive power and comprehensive quality of the college.

3. Application of teaching building

One or more information release points are installed in the lobby of the teaching building or at the elevator entrance or on the stairs, which is conducive to the college's release of notices, announcements, course schedules, lectures by authoritative professors, good deeds, news and other information content conducive to students' learning and understanding; It is helpful for students to better understand the school policy and social development; Thus enriched the school's teaching means, but also improve the teaching quality, optimize the teaching environment.

4. Library application

A number of information release points are installed in the public area of the library, which can release new book introduction, book borrowing information, book due date tips, notice, book types and other information, which is conducive to improving the work efficiency and quality of librarians. At the same time, it also provides an electronic communication platform for administrators and students, so that the library can better serve students.

Smart Education campus uses digital signage

5. The application of teachers' rest area

The installation of information terminal in teachers' rest area is conducive to relieving teachers' fatigue and improving the rest environment. You can also keep abreast of college notices, announcements, news entertainment and other information. It is helpful for teachers to combine the social situation and cases to improve the teaching quality, so as to improve the comprehensive quality of students.

6. the application of student canteen

The information release point is installed in the public area of the canteen to introduce food prices and menus, so that students can choose their favorite dishes in the queue and reduce the waiting time in the queue. At the same time, news, announcements and other information content are interspersed, which can reduce students' impatience in the queue and obtain more useful information, and increase the pleasure of dining.

7. Application of student dormitory

Information that is closely related to students' life, such as dormitory health evaluation status, inspection notice, emergency notice, news of major events, common sense of daily life and weather forecast, can be published in the public areas of students' dormitories.

Smart Education campus uses digital signage

In a word, the campus comprehensive information release system solves the problems of information singleness, unity, timeliness, difficulty in management and so on. It can manage, edit and publish online in a centralized way, combine multiple information contents together and display them in split screens, and can also play on time and broadcast in an emergency.

It is helpful to improve the work efficiency and image of the college, build a real digital campus, and provide students with a best platform for information communication.

In the modern design of information technology needs more and more circumstances, digital signs to the identity of the new media into the education industry market, breaking through the old way of education in the past, the trend of the promotion of not only in the education industry has a new starting point, but also to the digital sign industry opened up a new channel.

The school is a large family with dense population, and there are usually changeable information consultation to be transmitted, including some emergency notices, news announcements, examination information, the latest lectures and other activity information.

If the traditional way of distribution, there will be a certain contrast in cost and efficiency, as well as environmental protection. And with digital signage information release system can achieve timely, accurate and fast release. Not only in the time to win time, in the resources and energy also save a lot.

In addition, through this way of communication, not only can timely convey the information to the ears of students and teachers, but also the beauty school overall style and civilized quality, improve the overall image of the school.

Of course, you can also set up some LCD digital signs in each teaching building area, occasionally release some safety protection knowledge, in addition to the basic water, electricity, fire safety, but also to the students release some basic prevention of natural disasters and disaster to the temporary self-protection measures and other safety awareness.

In addition, in the future development trend, high-tech products are bound to replace traditional products. Therefore, digital signage will become a necessary medium for schools to publicize, and its emergence will also provide more services for schools to reduce more waste.