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The advantages of outdoor advertising machines

Date: 2023-04-04 15:56:00 Click:141   Source:Lcdkiosk

In advertising media this piece, with the change of The Times, outdoor advertising machine has become the new favorite of The Times, which is of course inseparable from its advantages and characteristics, outdoor advertising machine is how to defeat other forms of media? Here we will introduce the LCD advertising machine and other forms of media where is the difference?

1. long advertising period: can be carried out for a long time, 365 days a year next to the product publicity, and without manual maintenance;

2. Accurate target audience: the target audience is about to have purchase behavior;

3. strong anti-interference: will not be easily affected by the surrounding environment, can play the set advertising content continuously;

4. Novel form; It is a newly emerging form of advertising.

5. no modification costs: before any form of advertising, including printed matter modification content have costs, this kind of LCD advertising equipment, through the background, release, modify, delete advertising content;

The advantages of outdoor advertising machines

6. effectively cooperate with TV advertising: 1% of the cost of TV advertising, 100% deepening the effect of TV advertising. Can be consistent with TV advertising content, in the sales terminal this important link, continue to remind consumers to buy;

7. very low cost, wide audience, cost-effective;

8. the background function is powerful: through the background to statistics broadcast advertising number and time, colleagues can also record the use of customers in the background operation;

9. a wide range of communication content: advertising machine can disseminate a variety of information through split screen play, in a screen, video, pictures, text synchronously appear, making the advertisement more sound, more human, more able to attract the attention of pedestrians. And can be on the advertising machine shell logo, to achieve the combination of static and static;

10. Wide audience: applicable to people of all ages and income levels;

11. energy saving and environmental protection: advertising machine only needs a small space to place, update the content is convenient, not with the traditional static advertising, need to be reprinted, but also cause environmental pollution;

12. Strong interactive performance: For the all-in-one computer with touch function, it can attract the audience and achieve the effect of interactive experience;

13. other customized functions: with real-time monitoring, play the function of streaming media information, but also can be connected to other printing, query functions.

Outdoor advertising machine as a new media player, its advantages and benefits attract more people to its interest!

The advantages of outdoor advertising machines