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The school installs the tutorial of teaching all in one machine

Date: 2023-04-12 09:52:00 Click:128   Source:Lcdkiosk

With the rapid development of modern information technology, electronic information technology products are widely used in life, such as teaching touch all-in-one machine, has been widely used in daily teaching activities, company important matters demonstration and so on, to bring people the convenient enjoyment of high-tech, so that people more efficient more relaxed and pleasant learning and life. The following will introduce you to the installation method of the touch all-in-one machine and the precautions for use.

Three installation methods of Touch all-in-one:

The first method: touch the all-in-one machine can be hung on the wall, convenient for teachers in the teaching process and company staff in the daily company important activities can move left and right push and pull.

The second method: Install on the ground bracket, the user can move the bracket to the appropriate place at any time.

The third method: embedded in the middle of the blackboard for installation, when using electronic touch integrated, can slide the blackboard to both sides, do not use electronic touch integrated, move the blackboard to the middle and lock the touch integrated, so as to protect the touch integrated.

In the daily use process, what are the precautions for the installation of touch all-in-one? Due to the limitations and poor adaptability of the current production of touch all-in-one, the touch all-in-one can not be used normally because of the dripping of water and dust pollution on the screen, so the touch all-in-one needs regular maintenance like ordinary computers. As the touch integrated machine is composed of a variety of electrical equipment high-density touch integrated machine, so in the daily maintenance also need to pay attention to several problems.

The school installs the tutorial of teaching all in one machine

Note for use of touch all-in-one machine:

1、touch the all-in-one machine before opening every day, need to gently wipe it with a rag.

2、Glass cleaner should be used to clean and touch the dirty fingerprints and dirt on the integrated machine.

3、dripping or dust pollution, also need to gently wipe off the water droplets.

4、Open the touch all-in-one in strict accordance with the instructions. Do not turn off the power directly.

5、Due to the long-term use of the touch all-in-one computer, a large number of temporary files will be generated on the hard disk. If you often shut down the computer directly without exiting windows in accordance with the normal procedure, it will lead to hard disk errors.

6、the installation of touch all-in machine needs to be in a convenient maintenance, clean, and easy to ventilation and heat dissipation place, take the vertical direction and display area long side horizontal installation, and the surrounding objects to keep the interval, it is recommended that the top and left gap is greater than 30 cm, the bottom is greater than 25 cm, do not place flammable gas leakage and strong corrosive gas environment, Do not place strong electricity, strong magnetic field direct action, avoid easy to produce noise and vibration places, avoid bad conditions, such as large sand, heavy smoke, damp, direct sunlight or high temperature places.