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Electronic whiteboard into the campus

Date: 2023-04-12 09:40:00 Click:126   Source:Lcdkiosk

It is the expectation and anxiety of millions of parents to nurture their children into talents. Children's grades are not up, children are not obedient, expect children to develop in all aspects, but do not know where to start......

There was a parent personally told, his son is 6 years old, is rising small stage, at first can keep up with the pace of the teacher's lectures, to the complex pinyin alphabet is not good, there is no good learning method.

In the present teaching situation, students' passive learning style leads to inattention in class, weak participation and other disadvantages increasingly appear. In the field of education, the emerging electronic whiteboard interactive teaching model is rising, using advanced teaching tools, bring vivid, interesting, interactive classroom experience.

Electronic whiteboard into the campus

Our teaching machine is just such a kind of multimedia teaching equipment, in its operation, for teachers and students, are relatively easy to use.

The situational teaching model created by it fundamentally solves the problems and deficiencies existing in the previous teaching model, truly realizes the "interaction between teaching and learning", and provides a new teaching model with high quality and high efficiency.

Let's listen to comments from teachers who have already used the electronic whiteboard for teaching.

In the process of use, on the basis of retaining the original PPT Settings, you can also add interactive resources, which is particularly good. And when students go home, they can also download their own resources to review again.

This kind of classroom with active participation of all students is the teacher's ideal classroom mode. Although teachers devote a lot of energy to preparing various lessons after class, they believe that students' positive response in class will give teachers a full sense of achievement and happiness.

There is no need to spend a lot of time to import, and the saved time can be used to explain the problems in students' preview, and also support teachers to carry out different forms of efficient class.

Not only that, the teaching software of our all-in-one teaching machine can be used to learn through audio, video, games and other interesting ways, so that students' interest in learning is enhanced. Moreover, vivid and intuitive multimedia image teaching also makes it easier for students to absorb and accept knowledge.

In the practical application of teaching, teachers like to set up answering games, which can not only stimulate students' interest and help students concentrate, but also better organize the class and control the teaching atmosphere. It can not only make the class lively and interesting, but also understand the students' grasp of the knowledge point, improve the class capacity, stimulate the students' interest in learning!

Electronic whiteboard into the campus

Teachers use our built-in teaching software to introduce expanded teaching resources into the curriculum, further consolidate the classroom atmosphere, and help students interact with each other and realize the teaching ideal of students' independent learning.

Electronic whiteboard teaching machine, for more beautiful teaching.