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We tell you to choose LCD screen or LED screen

Date: 2022-12-14 14:34:00 Click:227   Source:Lcdkiosk

In the era of big data, in order to adapt to the development of intelligent and digital industries, commercial displays in conference rooms are gradually upgraded to intelligent ones, from the initial single display center to a multi-functional integrated system, and LCD/LED intelligent conference all-in-one machines came into being.

Conference all-in-one machine, as the name implies, is an intelligent all-in-one machine that integrates multiple functions such as projector, electronic whiteboard, audio, TV, computer, video conferencing terminal, etc. It is a multi-functional office equipment designed for conference services, also called Intelligent conference all-in-one machine and intelligent conference tablet are also called teaching all-in-one machines in the education industry.

Because the market demand for conference terminal equipment is upgraded, especially when the world is affected by the new crown epidemic, the demand for intelligent interaction such as online office, remote conference/education, etc. has greatly increased. Traditional, single conference equipment is difficult to meet the diversification of current conference scenarios. demand, the intelligent conference all-in-one machine has developed rapidly. In fact, as early as 2018, at the ISE exhibition in the Netherlands, Unilumin took the lead in releasing the LED conference all-in-one product, which aroused strong market response. This year is also known as the "first year" of the LED conference all-in-one machine. However, the LCD conference all-in-one machine was launched earlier than the LED conference all-in-one machine. After rapid development in recent years, the conference all-in-one technology has matured, but there is still room for development. Some people in the industry predict that in the future, we will see smart conference machines everywhere in our daily work. The efficient and convenient smart office mode will replace the traditional office mode. The smart conference machine will become our basic office equipment like a computer.

"How to choose a conference all-in-one machine?" I personally think that we should analyze the problems existing in the current conference equipment one by one, and then choose a functional solution that can solve these problems one by one. Finally, the equipment that integrates these functions is the ideal we want. All-in-one meeting machine. I have personally visited many companies and found that most of their meeting spaces have the following four main problems:

Status 1: Traditional equipment with single function

The conference equipment is very old and has only one function. The display screen can only produce pictures, and the sound requires separate speaker equipment and microphones. If it is necessary to discuss and explain on the spot, it needs to be re-equipped with a whiteboard. In this way, there are more equipment and the conference room is very crowded.

Situation 2: The lines are messy and the installation is complicated

There are many wirings for conference equipment, and the installation and maintenance are more complicated, which makes the office space more messy, and the most important thing is that it will affect the efficiency of conferences.

Status 3: Difficult to operate, not easy to use

Many companies are also aware of the problems described above, and have purchased several all-in-one conference machines, but the operation of the equipment is not very user-friendly, the response is slow, the operation is difficult, it is not easy to use, and the experience is poor.

Situation 4: Difficult to match size requirements

Office spaces of different sizes need to be equipped with all-in-one conference machines of different sizes. Because the size of some brand manufacturers' conference all-in-one machines is too single, resulting in insufficient selection of enterprises during assembly, it is easy to have the situation that the size of the large conference room is not enough, and the size of the small conference room is too large, which is very uncoordinated and affects the appearance.

LCD conference all-in-one machines

To sum up, we suggest that you try to choose equipment with scientific design and advanced functions when purchasing conference all-in-one machines. First, in terms of function, it is best to use an all-in-one conference machine with main functions such as anthology writing, smart screen projection, video conferencing, interactive remote control, and large-screen display. The second is that the hardware and software design of the conference all-in-one machine should be reasonable enough to reduce wiring, easy to install, easy to operate, quick to respond, and clear to display. The third is to choose a suitable conference all-in-one machine in terms of product size.

In addition, when choosing an all-in-one conference machine, it is also important to distinguish between an LCD conference all-in-one machine and an LED conference all-in-one machine. These are the two main branches of conference all-in-one machines, and they have different performances in performance and application. Due to its mature LCD technology, thin body, low price, and meeting the needs of small and medium-sized conference scenarios, LCD conference all-in-one machines have a greater competitive advantage in the small and medium-sized market, and are currently the mainstream of the conference all-in-one machine market.