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Double-sided digital signage information kiosk installation precautions

Date: 2023-04-20 09:08:00 Click:194   Source:Lcdkiosk

Double-sided digital signage kiosks have brought enormous benefits to businesses and organizations as well as their consumers. While many double-sided digital signage kiosks can be used indoors or outdoors, in most cases, double-sided digital signage kiosks offer intangible rewards. Double-sided digital signage kiosk in the installation need to pay attention to a lot of matters, such as: weather, safety, location and other issues.

Double-sided digital signage information kiosk installation precautions


Double-sided digital signage kiosks are usually located in public Spaces. When making public visits, they can be vulnerable to theft and vandalism. To discourage and prevent tampering, outdoor kiosks should be designed with tamper-proof features such as strategically placed additional welds and compression locks. Proper security for outdoor kiosks will ensure that the physical, data and network components of double-sided digital signage kiosks are protected.

Environmental and climate protection

If not able to withstand environmental factors, double-sided digital signage kiosks will result in lost revenue and investment in equipment. Double-sided digital signage kiosks should be properly sealed to prevent intrusion of water, smoke and dust. Double-sided digital signage kiosks should also have appropriate UV protection materials.

Double-sided digital signage kiosks located outdoors may be exposed to high temperatures, requiring a built-in air conditioner to avoid damaging the kiosk's monitors, computers and other components. Another problem with double-sided digital signage kiosks is their brightness, which makes them less readable due to direct sunlight. The display should be bright enough to be at least 2000 nits bright enough to be readable in an outdoor environment.

Durable installation

When double-sided digital signage kiosks are installed on the exterior, they are kept open and extreme weather or human damage may result in internal or external damage. Double-sided digital signage kiosks shall be secured by highly stable cement to prevent shaking, knocking and vibration.

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