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Common Problem

This solution to the LCD advertising machine fault

Date: 2023-04-19 09:58:00 Click:574   Source:Lcdkiosk

As a new advertising medium, liquid crystal advertising machine is now more and more widely used in the field of application, supermarkets, hospitals, office buildings, communities and other places can be seen everywhere.

Normally, the normal service life of LCD advertising machine can be up to six or seven years in the case of 7*24 hours of work, so users can master some commonly used LCD advertising machine fault solution is very necessary.

This solution to the LCD advertising machine fault

1、 the screen is seriously shining: please check whether there is a magnetic field around; Please check whether the power supply voltage is stable; Please check the display device, video card driver; Progressive refresh rate 75HZ; If still not that can only find advertising machine manufacturers to repair the solution.

2、 The screen does not appear, and the indicator light on the front panel is shining: check whether the signal line connection between the display device and the microcomputer is strong, and check whether the connector of the signal line is broken or torpid.

3、 in the LCD switch, the screen presents disturbance: this situation is formed by the signal disturbance of the display card, attributed to the normal appearance. This problem can be handled by automatically or manually adjusting the phase.

This solution to the LCD advertising machine fault

4、 after the boot automatically shut down: the first judgment menu setting is not in the state of punctual shutdown; The machine presents a short circuit appearance can replace the motherboard; The high pressure bar is not working properly. Replace the high pressure bar. The remote control doesn't work.

5、 on the LCD screen there are thumb size black spots: this situation is largely due to the formation of external pressure. Under the pressure of the external force in the LCD panel polaroid deformation, the polaroid properties like aluminum foil, will not be concave after their own bounce up, so the formation of the LCD panel in the reflection of the difference, will show you the gray, this some in the white screen is easy to find, usually size is ten square millimeters, namely thumb size, This will not affect the use of LCD life, in the future use of please pay more attention to, do not use the hand to press the LCD screen.