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Industry News

What does the LCD screen on the bus do?

Date: 2023-04-26 15:56:00 Click:141   Source:Lcdkiosk

When it comes to LCD screens, they are not only found at home, but also in public places. Today we are going to talk about the use of LCD screens on buses.

What does the LCD screen on the bus do?

On the bus, we often see the LCD display will display some advertising, maps, tourist attractions and other information, in these places to install the LCD screen is really useful? The answer is yes, installing LCD screens on buses would do the following:

Function 1: Use passengers' spare time to promote corporate information.

Function 2: convenient for passengers to understand the local situation, scenic spots, specialties and so on.

Function 3: Let passengers relax and kill the boring time.

Function 4: Passengers can receive the latest news and other content during this time.

What does the LCD screen on the bus do?

LCD monitors can be used in many places, on buses, shopping malls, subway stations, banks and so on. We focus on the production of liquid crystal display screens, in the purchase of products must choose guaranteed products.