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Double-sided digital signage kiosks are becoming more popular

Date: 2023-04-26 16:32:00 Click:133   Source:Lcdkiosk

Double-sided digital signage information kiosk and single-side LCD display self-service terminal compared, double-sided digital signage information kiosk can undoubtedly show high-end intelligent level and humanized service level, so that customers feel at home, create excellent service reputation in the era of intelligence, create interactive experience.

Double-sided digital signage kiosk supports Android/Windows system to provide efficient information distribution. As a hardware-based multimedia information release system, ultra-thin dual-screen digital signage brings a "one-stop" cloud management system, which can provide customers with an overall information release solution based on network /WIFI/4G and interactive technology, and easily achieve a system to manage all devices.

In the future construction of public places, intelligent Android double-sided booths can be set up in the window area and display area. It is mainly used to publicize your brand, publish the policies and regulations of the network, give real-time notice, and explain the business process.

Double-sided digital signage kiosk as the representative of the display terminal performance continues to improve, the cost is greatly reduced, will gradually replace the traditional LED electronic display.

Double-sided digital signage kiosks are more powerful than ever, attractive and suitable for media display terminals -- thanks to their stable performance and ability to adapt to the scene.

Double - sided display, can be synchronized display can also display separately. Double-sided display 360 degree content playback, using more space to save multi channel HDMI input, playback picture free adjustment.

Easy remote release information, cloud management, the implementation of monitoring and release materials!

Double-sided digital signage kiosks are becoming more popular