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Stretched liquid crystal display applications

Date: 2023-04-27 10:46:00 Click:140   Source:Lcdkiosk

Stretch LCD generally refers to the width ratio of more than 3:1 LCD. It has the characteristics of high Angle, high brightness, selling price and heat resistance. It is used in retail, transportation, financial institutions, hospital outpatient and other manufacturing industries, and the application scope is expanding day by day. The LCD stretching screen can be closely combined with the release information system software, suitable for split screen function broadcast, time-sharing map broadcast, timing startup and other basic functions; Applicable to the terminal device sorting management method, account management rights, system optimization management method; It is suitable for expanding function, such as multi-screen simultaneous broadcasting and continuous broadcasting.

Stretched liquid crystal display applications

Stretched liquid crystal display applications

1、 Large and medium-sized shopping malls

Shopping malls are gathering the largest number of artificial abortion area, according to the stretch LCD screen to consumers detailed product content or main parameters, can greatly attract the total traffic, expand the chance to buy. In addition, under the impact of the new retail mode, major shopping malls have just begun to transform themselves, using the warehouse shelf bar screen as a tool for advertising and marketing assistance.

2、 subway station, bus station sign

Can be used as bus, subway station room arrival reminder screen, in the bus, subway car display information, comprehensive display information car arrival information content and other multimedia system advertising information content. Not only the entertainment video content is attractive, shift route map, bus schedule and other materials can also be displayed on the same platform information toolbar can insert/delete rows, columns, and their merging cells.

3、 financial institutions, hospital outpatient

In order to present immediate and accurate business information to customers' financial information services, considering the financial industry's requirements for interest rate information content, annual interest rate information content, fund information, financial industry advertising and other publicity planning and presentation; Hospital appointment registration, attending physicians and other publicity planning to show the requirements.

Stretched liquid crystal display applications

4、 Media and advertising industry

Stretch LCD screen with its advantages of resource advantage, has already gradually replaced the traditional advertising brand, advertising light box, etc., into a new force in the advertising media industry. Traditional advertising only plays pictures, and the bar LCD screen is the ultimate fusion of photos, videos, text, sound, and has super clear, high brightness, bright color, with the brand image lifelike, simple and light characteristics.

No matter it is warehouse shelf screen, car screen, hospital outpatient screen and financial institution screen, they all have the mutual characteristics of wide audience and great market prospect. Once the products are marketed and sold on a large scale, this kind of news media with a huge audience and cheap promotion costs will surely attract the attention of many advertising customers.