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What is a self-service kiosk?

Date: 2023-05-08 10:24:00 Click:188   Source:Lcdkiosk

What is a self-service kiosk? Self-service kiosks are widely used in airports, checkout counters, subways, shopping malls and other places are often used by people. The use of qualified kiosks can save time, convenient and fast. For example, airports use self-service check-in kiosks to reduce wait times and offer a variety of check-in options. Thanks to self-service devices, the average wait time at airports has fallen by 30 percent from 27 minutes to less than 20 minutes.

1. Give directions and navigate

It's no secret that finding your way around an airport is not easy, and travelers often face the challenge of finding the right direction in the limited time between flights. As you can imagine, there's nothing worse than reaching the end of a tunnel only to realize that you've gone in the opposite direction.

Such confusion could be greatly avoided by deploying self-service kiosks equipped with interactive navigation maps throughout the airport.

Depending on the navigation software chosen, airports can provide passengers with an interactive overview of the entire airport, with a clear "you are here." The interface lets users select whatever they're looking for, whether it's a door number, a bathroom, a meal, a gift, or anything else. The kiosk can then display the fastest route and even print a map for the user. Directions are often displayed alongside the latest flight information to provide maximum convenience to passengers.

2. Hotel, food and entertainment information

Many people have encountered such a situation: because of the arrival of the area is not very familiar with the food, clothing, housing and transportation problems. Airport kiosks can be used to provide local accommodation, hotels, dining and entertainment information. It is also a good way to promote the image of the city, exhibitions, concerts, casinos, sporting events, etc. Attract repeat customers by offering visitors the chance to see the best of the city. This not only enhances the tourist experience, but also drives the development of local tourism. For this purpose, airport kiosks need to provide homepage software to facilitate navigation.

What is a self-service kiosk?

3. Lost and found

Losing or leaving things behind on planes is an almost daily occurrence, so airports also need to provide lost-and-found services.

Combining software with interactive airport kiosks provides the best solution for lost and found services. Users can enter a lost or found item into the kiosk, which gives feedback on whether it has been found and what steps should be taken to retrieve it.

In addition, airport kiosks can be equipped with VOIP phones to allow travelers to call the lost and found office. This system will certainly be of great help to travelers.

What is a self-service kiosk?

4. Advertising and marketing

Modern people use the touch screen more and more frequently, people will pay special attention to the information presented on the screen. Therefore, airport kiosks become an ideal tool for advertisers to effectively communicate their messages. For airports, attracting local businesses to advertise is not only a source of revenue, but will also benefit airports in placing other types of information, such as parking notices or policy alerts.

These ads can come in a variety of forms, such as small ads or reminders that accompany other content, as well as startup screens or screen savers when kiosks are not being used. This not only maximizes return on investment (ROI), but also facilitates inclusion in customer surveys to capture true facility needs and public feedback.

What is a self-service kiosk?

5. Security warning

Ensuring security is a top priority at the airport. One way to improve airport security is to enhance the various means of communication for passengers in emergency situations, and airport kiosks are a very effective tool for disseminating such content. Once an emergency occurs, the content manager can suspend the current screen content and immediately push an emergency message.

In short, the potential uses of kiosks are growing, and new software platforms are providing and customizing solutions. We specialize in the production of self-service kiosks, for you to customize their own service platform.