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Common Problem

What is the online vertical LCD advertising machine

Date: 2022-12-14 15:11:00 Click:233   Source:Lcdkiosk

The online version of the advertising machine is equipped with multimedia information publishing software, cloud intelligent advertising publishing platform and split-screen software, equipped with network connection, and can carry out transmission control through LAN or wireless network. It can control and manage multiple network advertising machines through wireless WIFI connection or network cable. The general network version of the advertising machine is a management background that can operate dozens or even more advertising machines, so that they can work synchronously at the same time. Through the background control and management, the unified management of the online version of the vertical advertising machine, the unified release of promotional activities, and the unified release of promotional information can be realized in the chain stores in the whole city and even in the country. Without the need for personnel to go to the site, the advertisement can be updated and released remotely, and the machine can be switched on and off at regular intervals. The online version is suitable for a large number of users whose terminals are not in the same place and who need centralized and unified management and control.