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Industry News

You must know these advantages of LCD advertising machines

Date: 2022-12-15 15:31:00 Click:167   Source:Lcdkiosk

With the gradual expansion of the domestic business environment, the demand for advertising is also increasing, and the information-based multimedia advertising machine has become a highlight in the advertising media market. However, most of the LCD advertising machines currently used in the market are stand-alone and need to be replaced. Advertising not only causes a waste of manpower but also makes it difficult to quickly and accurately deliver multimedia information to the desired specific audience. Until the launch of the wide area network network advertising machine, it brought new opportunities to the LCD advertising machine industry. This kind of network advertising machine based on IP access control has great advantages over the traditional stand-alone LCD advertising machine played by plug-in card!

You must know these advantages of LCD advertising machines

The following are the three major advantages of LCD advertising machines:

1. It is easier for customers to broadcast and change programs, and can provide more humanized advertising playback control:

For example, a client can play different advertising content in turn within a week, and it is more convenient to change the settings. This will allow the client to achieve a good return on the investment in advertising and have greater potential to attract customers!

2. It is very convenient to maintain advertising content:

The traditional advertising machine needs to use a computer to copy the content first, and then the CF card will be replaced by a special person at the advertising machine outlet, resulting in a waste of human resources and low efficiency; Control the host, directly upload the content to be updated to the advertising machine, and also delete, sort, set play rules, interrupt control, etc., can be easily done within a few minutes, and save a lot of labor costs.

3. Advertisement playback management becomes more flexible and faster:

The traditional LCD advertising machine needs to pre-arrange the playlist of the program. How to broadcast it on the outlets generally takes a long time to implement after the arrangement is completed, and it is very inconvenient to replace one round and requires a lot of manpower; the electronic network version advertising machine This problem is easily solved. All outlets only need to use software control on the server management terminal to arrange programs, change, insert, and broadcast, and issue commands. It can be said that an advertisement can be broadcast on designated outlets in various cities overnight, the speed is very fast, and the labor cost is almost zero.

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