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Industry News

What is the brightness of a commercial display?

Date: 2023-05-15 11:13:00 Click:566   Source:Lcdkiosk

At present, there are two different LCD screens for different applications on the market, one is the home screen, and the other is the commercial screen. So what are the differences between the two displays? Why choose a commercial display product? Viewed from the outside, it's all about the same screen; Or the purpose of watching is also to be able to display image information on the screen. The most important commercial display products are more expensive than home display products. Here's a look at the differences:

1. Different user groups have different usage scenarios and environments

2. the shell material is different, Shang Xian professional displays are generally made of metal, with a special design of dustproof, corrosion and shock proof, ordinary household display generally purchased plastic shell, plastic shell on radiation and electromagnetic interference suppression ability is limited, easy to receive external environment interference.

3. brightness, the brightness of the general household TV is generally about 200-350 nit, indoor use scenes are more. Commercial display is generally about 500 nit brightness, more demanding environment can do 700-1000 nit, can be used in semi-outdoor environment.

What is the brightness of a commercial display?

4. the internal chip and adjustment are different, home TV mainly plays TV programs and video, game picture, the sense of dependence on the chip is not strong, while commercial display with some static picture on the screen for a long time, which has certain requirements for the chip and adjustment.

5. life and stability, household TV daily use time is relatively short, and commercial display screen usually work at least 12 hours a day, even dedicated screen can support 7*24 hours uninterrupted continuous startup work, theoretical life of at least 60000 hours.

What is the brightness of a commercial display?

6. customized function, commercial LCD can realize the customized requirements of the boot system, remote control of the switch and other functions, for high and low temperature occasions, commercial display will also add overheating protection, heating (for low stability conditions of the environment) high brightness waterproof and other functions, and the household TV is in a better environment indoors.

Many customers choose home displays for commercial monitoring or other commercial environments, which may not be a big problem in a short time. Once the machine has been running for several months, the panel will appear the phenomenon of residual shadow burning screen. In addition, the power system is not specially designed for industrial products, so the screen will be black directly after the power is damaged in a short time, and the customers can not use it directly. In the selection of commercial display screen, must be ready to buy before!