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What is high brightness LCD?

Date: 2023-05-15 11:02:00 Click:345   Source:Lcdkiosk

lcd display is a kind of data information (electrical signal) into visual information (graphic image) equipment, I believe no one does not know it, lcd display itself can not light, need backlight, control and drive peripheral circuit, structural parts and other components, together constitute a liquid crystal display module, what is the brightness of the lcd display? Today I will give you a brief popularization.

lcd display Brightness, also known as brightness, is the maximum brightness of the LCD display panel. It is sometimes called brightness in the industry, which can be measured by BM-7/A, CA-310, CS2000 professional equipment. Brightness is the brightness of the face of the finger painting, and is measured in candlelight per square meter (cd/m2), or nits, which are parts per square meter. Usually by the backlight module to decide, general mobile phone, MP3, GPS and other small and medium-sized LCM LCD display module brightness do 350cd/m2, high-end can do 450cd/m2(pay attention to the test conditions).

One, how to increase the brightness?

The common way to achieve highlighting is to improve the number of backlight beads, we all know that the brightness of the lcd screen depends on the backlight, and the number of beads directly affects the brightness and power consumption, but the internal structure of the lcd screen is limited, it is difficult to increase the lamp beads without limit.

The use of high efficiency luminous lED lamp beads can improve the brightness of the lcd lcd, in addition to the D-BEF film to improve the efficiency of LED chip light transmission, the current market is generally used to improve the brightness of the LCD.

What is high brightness LCD?

Two, highlight lcd LCD screen brightness can reach how much?

Generally, the normal brightness value of the lcd display we use indoors is 200-400 nits, and the brightness of the lcd display used outdoors is far from enough. How bright can a highlighted lcd screen be?

Highlighter LCDS are generally around 500nits, and the highest can reach between 1000 and 2000nits, but this also depends on the structure and power consumption of the entire lcd module.

With the popularity of display applications, the demand for differentiated display is also growing, highlighted lcd display is also moving towards more and more terminal industry, that is why the highlighted lcd display by the majority of terminal enterprises? Today we will interpret the advantages of highlighting lcd display.

What is high brightness LCD?

First, rich color, clear display

Highlight lcd display, its color saturation is high, rich color, even professionals are very recognized, the general highlight lcd display is high resolution, so the color display is quite rich, and the display effect is clear, can meet the high clarity and color requirements of the diversified needs of customers.

Two, high brightness

One of the most outstanding features of the high brightness lcd display is high brightness, and the high brightness tft screen is generally suitable for outdoor use of terminal machines, when we use outdoors can completely worry about not clear content under the direct view of the sun, can meet the diversified needs of high standard customers, That's why so many people favor high-light lcd displays.

Three, strong compatibility

Highlighter lcd display a variety of interfaces, IC is also a universal model, so strong compatibility, easy to develop and assemble, early without spending a lot of manpower and material resources on the selection of the display tangled, and you can directly choose highlighter lcd display, technology related issues easy to master, greatly save project time.

In general, the highlight lcd screen is suitable for many industry characteristics, which is also the reason for the choice of many industry terminals.