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The cause of liquid leakage of long strip LCD screen and the solution

Date: 2022-11-03 Click:80   Source:Lcdkiosk

Long strip LCD screen in use for a period of time, it is inevitable that there will be some unexpected failures, such as long strip LCD screen leakage situation, in fact, many people are not clear why long strip LCD screen leakage? We should all know that the lcd screen is very fragile, if there is leakage phenomenon or artificial fault is unable to repair and replace, today LCD manufacturers engineer to give you a detailed introduction:

The fault of the long LCD screen has the following symptoms:

1, the surface of the strip LCD screen is very obvious massive black spots, or there are uneven patches of light and dark cracks at the same time, that the strip LCD screen by external extrusion or impact, resulting in the LCD screen rupture and leakage phenomenon.

2, there is no crack on the surface of the long LCD screen, this fault phenomenon is not easy to find, that the external force of the long LCD screen is not too large, resulting in liquid crystal screen leakage phenomenon, remarks, if the LCD is not bright in the case of more attention should be paid to.

3, long strip LCD screen crack leakage, still can display the image.


Long strip liquid crystal screen leakage solution:

Long strip liquid crystal screen leakage belongs to physical damage, and long strip liquid crystal screen is the whole cutting manufacturing production, once the leakage will slowly expand, even can not display normally, this is irreparable, unless the whole screen is replaced. But in terms of the manufacturing cost of a strip LCD screen, the screen accounts for two-thirds, so replacing the screen is not cost-effective, better to buy a new monitor.