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Causes and solutions of LCD flicker

Date: 2022-12-19 Click:51   Source:Lcdkiosk

Liquid crystal display is now very common in People's Daily life, many computer display, TV screen, monitoring screen and so on are liquid crystal display. And liquid crystal display in the use process often appear a variety of problems, such as black screen, flower screen, white screen, water ripple, picture blur, flicker and so on. So what causes LCDS to flicker? How can this problem be resolved? Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction to the causes and solutions of LCD flicker.


LCD TV flash screen causes

Flash screen is a professional term of computer display screen, has been used in the majority of display products. The product refers to the display in operation, the screen appears flashing, such as picture shaking, horizontal bar vertical bar phenomenon. There are many reasons for this phenomenon, such as unstable incoming signal, unstable voltage, unstable connection line of display screen, LCD screen and TV internal problems.

LCD TV flash screen solution

LCD TV flash screen, if it is a signal problem, so do not worry, such as signal stability after the natural will not appear; If the voltage is not stable, it is recommended to turn off the TV and so on, so as to avoid damage to the TV; As for the unstable connection of the cable, it only needs to be connected after the power is turned off. These problems are easy to solve.

LCD TV Maintenance

1.do not overuse (ultra long time use) LCD TV, or long time display the same picture;

2. Protect the screen to avoid impact or collision;

3.do not let the LCD TV in a humid environment for a long time, as far as possible to ensure its dry;

4.when cleaning the screen, we must pay attention to correct cleaning, do not hurt the TV;

5.do not disassemble the LCD TV, the problem should be repaired by professional personnel.

It can be seen that the causes and failures of LCD flicker are generally described above, the solution is to adjust the Settings on the LCD, under normal circumstances, these solutions will be introduced in the LCD instruction manual. In addition, if the solution on the LCD does not solve the problem, you can send it for repair.