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Industry News

The value of touch-screen self-service ordering kiosks in restaurants

Date: 2023-03-19 13:27:00 Click:136   Source:Lcdkiosk

Restaurant touch screen self-service ordering kioskis a kind of digital display equipment specially used in the catering industry. It can provide restaurants with more convenient, efficient and personalized services through high-definition screen, multimedia playback, interactive interaction and other ways. Electronic menu display is a new type of intelligent equipment in the catering industry, its role is to display the menu content in electronic form on the screen, replacing the traditional paper menu, so as to improve the efficiency and image of the restaurant.

First of all, touch screen kiosks can improve the service efficiency of restaurants. By setting an ordering screen on the table, customers can directly select dishes, add or subtract flavors, and note requirements on the screen, which avoids manual communication and misunderstanding in traditional ordering methods and greatly improves the accuracy and speed of ordering. At the same time, the food and beverage display can also be linked with the kitchen system, to achieve the seamless connection of food production and service, further improve the service efficiency and quality of the restaurant.

Secondly, touch screen kiosks can enhance the image and brand value of restaurants. By setting up multimedia advertising screens in the restaurant, the restaurant can display its brand image, dish features, preferential activities and other information, attract customers' attention, improve brand awareness and reputation. At the same time, the food and beverage display can also be linked with social media, so that customers can share their dining experience while enjoying food, further expanding the brand influence of the restaurant.

The value of touch-screen self-service ordering kiosks in restaurants

Finally, food and beverage displays can provide a more personalized service experience. By setting up an interactive screen at the table, customers can freely choose their favorite music, video, games and other content, making the dining process more pleasant and relaxed. At the same time, the catering display can also provide multi-language services to meet the needs of customers in different countries and regions, so that the restaurant's service is more intimate and thoughtful. In short, catering display is a kind of digital display equipment with a wide range of application prospects, it can provide restaurants with more convenient, efficient, personalized service, enhance the image of the restaurant and brand value, for the catering industry digital transformation and upgrade to provide strong support. Electronic menu display is suitable for all kinds of restaurants, cafes, fast food restaurants and other catering places, especially in fast food restaurants, electronic menu can improve meal efficiency, reduce queuing time, improve customer experience. In addition, the electronic menu can also be used in all kinds of conferences, banquets, exhibitions and other occasions, convenient display of relevant information.

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