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Teaching touch all in one powerful machine

Date: 2023-04-05 23:28:00 Click:146   Source:Lcdkiosk

Teaching touch is mainly used to display class information, current course information, class activity information and school notification information. The information content is text, pictures, multimedia, flash content, etc., to provide students and teachers with a novel communication and campus service platform.

Teaching touch is not only limited to display information content, but also includes the goal of terminal data acquisition into the architecture. According to the needs of customers and the requirements of the development of intelligent education, in the application of continuous update and improvement, truly achieve a one-time investment, to achieve long-term leading mode of use. At the same time, as for the existing campus hardware equipment, as long as the addition of new interface programs, can accumulate and update the real-time display of functions, give play to the advantages of the smart campus, enrich the innovative teaching life.

Teaching touch all in one powerful machine

Class display

It can display basic information such as class name, class sign-up, group photo, class teacher, teacher and class committee, etc. This system is presented in the way of time line, which constitutes the growth footprint of the class, especially for the graduation students after a few years will be precious memories, but also an important part of the school history.

Electronic curriculum

Course information can be collected from the campus system in real time, or manually input course information, including course name, course teacher, current course, next course, etc.

Class honor

Incentive points and honors can be set up by taking pictures of paper awards or making electronic MEDALS, which can be uniformly awarded to the winning classes by the school. Electronic certificates are an important part of class culture.

Positioning function

All electronic screens are used as geographical punctuation points, and students can sense students' proximity information through campus cards, so as to track students' activities on campus and realize positioning.

Touch interaction

Students can browse the content of the class card by touch interactive way, increase students' collective sense of honor and learning enthusiasm. For example, excellent composition view, students' own photos, videos, campus websites and so on.

Class album

Any photos about class style can be set up through the background album to classify and save, such as: class activities, spring outing, sports meeting, holiday celebration, etc., and can be set as the photo content for display.

Multimode display

According to the set time to select the class card automatic or manual switch screen state. Specific modes include: emergency notification mode, class mode and current class attendance mode, examination room mode and regular mode.

Daily information

Real-time display of daily weather forecast, date, week and analog clock information. The system automatically obtains weather data through the platform without manual input.