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Industry News

Is the outdoor vertical advertising machine waterproof

Date: 2023-04-10 16:32:00 Click:142   Source:Lcdkiosk

With the continuous prominence of digital signage application attributes, its original independent industry characteristics are more and more blurred, and outdoor vertical advertising machine, as a specific application form, has become a typical representative of digital signage application is different from other commercial display applications. Especially in public places, the application of outdoor vertical advertising machine is regarded as the "pioneer" of digital notice application penetration. Based on this, we increase the investment in this field, and constantly develop more advanced outdoor vertical advertising machine.

Is the outdoor vertical advertising machine waterproof

Safe, good heat dissipation, reliable quality

Our outdoor vertical advertising machine as a very good domestic advertising machine leader, all the production process is through a comprehensive test, through the waterproof test and high temperature aging, low temperature aging, simulation of sunlight test. Therefore, the creation of the fast leopard outdoor vertical advertising machine has strong adaptability to the complex environment of public places. Any season, any weather and regional conditions, can work normally.