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Industry News

Five reasons to choose digital signage

Date: 2023-04-10 17:07:00 Click:146   Source:Lcdkiosk

With the advent of the information age, the rapid rise of new media, digital signage (advertising machine) is the representative of terminal display, has been widely used in all walks of life. As a place of heavy traffic, shopping malls use digital signage for a number of benefits:

First, for the shopping mall image

Since digital signs can be used as a leading sign in the mall, its role is to bring high-tech appearance and feel experience to the mall; Consumers can interact with brand digital media, so that young people can meet the overall pleasure of experience; Feel free to use photo images, movie files, and even your favorite news.

Two, to save costs for the shopping mall

Compared with the traditional door design, easy Rabao and other communication methods, the advantages of digital signs are obvious; With the development of society, the cost of replacing static posters and banners is very expensive. Choosing digital signage can save one step from design to play; No more waiting for printing, paying extra shipping and insurance; Save management and maintenance resources, upgrade equipment.

Three, more AD placement

Digital signage can generate more advertising revenue opportunities for both retail malls and co-operative mall media; It's a valuable piece of real estate that can be rented and doesn't take up space; We can combine web pages, video, audio, animation, picture information and subtitles information; The system provides dozens of program elements such as weather time.

Fourth, improve the efficiency of information dissemination

Through the LCD all-in-one terminal for shopping mall brand building, but also broadcast people need weather information, clock reminder and other information to benefit the people, further enrich the broadcast content; The network can be used to play updated information in real time, promote various brands, and combine videos and pictures to form novel animations.

Five, advertising machine can effectively guide the passenger flow

It is important to know that the mall is a place with high mobility and many businesses. There are countless guests every day, which leads to a serious problem of customer diversion. There will be more shopping guides than service staff in many shopping malls, which seriously affects the efficiency of shopping malls.

Five reasons to choose digital signage

And the introduction of shopping malls special advertising machine, customers can query the distribution information of each floor merchants through it, to go to the distribution of the merchants and walking routes, even the range of goods sold by the merchants and specific information. This greatly facilitates the customer self-service inquiry of the information required, convenient shopping malls to guide the passenger flow.

Mall digital signage in the system of stability, operational performance, security, multiple concurrent users and other aspects of many customers high standards of strict testing. So it's natural to be popular with all kinds of people!