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Advantages and disadvantages of electronic whiteboard

Date: 2023-04-11 14:45:00 Click:166   Source:Lcdkiosk

The main advantages of the electronic whiteboard are as follows:

Now some of the latest electronic whiteboard products have high precision, fluency and accurate recognition have been greatly improved, it is very convenient to annotate, write and explain in meetings and teaching.

Advantages and disadvantages of electronic whiteboard

The interactive display mode is used to touch the screen, which saves the trouble of deploying the projector and does not have to worry about the projection effect and brightness.

Video conferencing is very convenient! Nowadays, the electronic whiteboard is basically equipped with high-definition cameras. Some scenarios requiring multi-party meetings do not need to be independently installed cameras for communication, but can be conducted directly on the electronic whiteboard.

It is very useful to synchronize the meeting content. Basically, there are corresponding apps for the electronic whiteboard at present. Participants or students can directly annotate and draw the meeting/class content on their own devices, or synchronously project the screen with the presenter.

In fact, the shortcomings of the electronic whiteboard are also very prominent, mainly have such a few problems:

1. The cost is very high, the price of 55 inch electronic whiteboard is around 4000+, and the price of some electronic whiteboard with good performance, strong interactive ability, smooth writing and high-definition screen may be up to around 5w (such as Samsung flip 85 inch electronic whiteboard), the cost is very high. Basically this price can buy Epson or BenQ very good projector, projection quality is not worse than some displays, even can be about 200 inches of projection screen display, very exaggerated.

2. The product itself is not very mature, mainly due to the poor research and development of cost performance, resulting in the high cost of most electronic whiteboards. Although it is a supplement and expansion of the projection electronic whiteboard, it has not completely replaced the projection electronic whiteboard, the main reason is the high cost and maintenance cost.

Advantages and disadvantages of electronic whiteboard

With the maturation of electronic whiteboard technology and cost compression, electronic whiteboard will become the main force of the future interactive conference/class, is the future trend!