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Industry News

The advantages of hanging double-sided digital signage

Date: 2023-04-18 16:03:00 Click:140   Source:Lcdkiosk

1、 dual screen display: dual screen 4K display, single screen resolution reached 3840*2160 clarity, brightness, color has a significant breakthrough;

2、 free split screen: two screen, three screen, four screen, five screen;

3、 4K HD: resolution HD, clearer picture; 4 times more detail and color than FHD full HD;

4、Android intelligent system;

5、RK3288 quad-core processor;

6、remote control: computer login service background, remote control of multi-site content release can be viewed at any time each outlet machine information

The advantages of hanging double-sided digital signage

Horizontal and vertical visual field to 178° Angle of view wonderful moment without dead Angle; Toughened glass body is thinner than you can imagine, thin glass body design is extremely high-end no matter where; Insert the USB disk to automatically identify the content, and play the cycle interval can be set by yourself. I, our hanging double-sided digital signs are built in with dual speakers to make advertising more vivid.

Size options: 43 inch, 55 inch.

Applicable places: coffee shop, mall aisle, bank window, airport aisle, jewelry store, clothing store