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In this way, the web AD machine is maintained

Date: 2023-04-19 09:08:00 Click:141   Source:Lcdkiosk

With the development of The Times, the online advertising machine is more and more popular, accepted by the majority of users, in terms of price, the market price of the network advertising machine will be relatively high, the absolute penny for the goods, the online advertising machine how to maintain? Let's take a look!

1. Please do not plug the ventilation holes and sound holes on the housing of the advertising machine, and do not place the advertising machine near the radiator, heat source or any other equipment that can affect normal ventilation;

2. When cleaning the player, use cotton cloth to wipe with water, do not use any detergent, so that the shell will lose the unique luster of the factory;

3. If the card cannot be inserted, do not insert it hard to prevent damage to the card pins. At this point, check whether the card is inserted backwards. In addition, please do not insert or remove the card in the startup state, should be done after the shutdown operation;

4. Do not disassemble or repair the advertising machine to prevent high-voltage electric shock or other dangers. If it is necessary to repair, professional repair personnel should be invited to end all the repair work;

5. Because the advertising machine is mostly used in public places, the voltage is unstable, which can constitute the damage of the advertising machine equipment. It is recommended to use stable mains, and do not use a power supply with high-power equipment such as elevators. If the voltage is often unstable in the local, such as the subway station, it is necessary to use the corresponding voltage regulator equipment for voltage regulator, otherwise it simply constitutes the unstable work of the advertising machine, or even burn the advertising machine;

Online advertising machine is applicable in many places, such as: banks, cafes, beauty shops, shopping malls, corridors and so on. Using the network equipment, users can realize centralized control, reservation management and multimedia content transmission through Ethernet. WLAN can be used in places where the wiring infrastructure does not meet network connectivity requirements. When integrating TV features into advertising applications, there is also the option of using a TV tuner, which, along with HDMI, gives advertisers a high-definition audio and video experience. Hot-swappable multifunctional SD card and CF card sockets make it easy to deliver dynamic advertising messages and maximize the flexibility of digital advertising applications. Mainly occupy the middle and high consumer market. With the continuous improvement of technology and the price of display screen, the Internet version has been standing in the high-end market also began to appear frequently in the low-end market, becoming the focus of the advertising machine market. We are specialized in the production of online advertising machine, if you want to buy, you can directly communicate with us, we will give you the right choice!