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Common Problem

Digital signage common problems and solutions

Date: 2023-04-19 09:39:00 Click:374   Source:Lcdkiosk

Digital signage LCD advertising machine has gradually entered the ranks of the "arcade". Because most users do not have professional application maintenance knowledge, in the face of some small daily problems often helpless, can only rely on professional maintenance personnel, resulting in a waste of time and money. Based on application efficiency, it is necessary for users to master some basic application maintenance skills. This article summarizes some common problems and solutions to help you.

1、 LCD advertising machine plug in the power after no reaction

The LCD advertising machine does not respond after plugging in the power supply is a problem that often appears in practical applications. In this regard, the user can try to take down the advertising machine, open the back cover of the advertising machine, check whether the special power supply is energized, whether the material is falling off or loose. Specific method: with the amount of the indicator light is on, if normal, it indicates that the power supply is electricity. To eliminate the power problem, the user should check the decoding board, advertising machine driver board, high voltage bar, horn, LCD screen power situation. Where there is no power on the advertising machine where the parts of the problem.

2、 LCD advertising machine screen flicker phenomenon

In the daily application, the LCD advertising machine screen flicker is often encountered by users. In this regard, the user should first of all to the equipment around the magnetic field, power supply voltage and other external factors for exclusion check, if still not normal application, it is necessary to carry out a comprehensive check on the display graphics card driver, to eliminate the installation of the program. If the above operation is invalid, users can also try to increase the refresh rate by 75HZ to see if it is feasible. If the above operations can not achieve satisfactory results, the need for professional assistance, the user needs to send the equipment to the maintenance station for inspection.

3、 Black screen and display "Signal OUT OF sync range" or "OUT OF RANG"

This phenomenon is the user in the practical application often see the thorny problem, generally is the signal sent by the computer beyond the display range of the monitor, the monitor detects the abnormal signal to stop working caused. To do this, the user can try restarting the monitor and resetting the output frequency of the computer.

Digital signage common problems and solutions

4、The screen does not display, and the indicator on the front panel blinks

After this problem occurs, the user should check whether the signal cable between the monitor and the computer is firmly connected, and check whether the connector of the signal cable is damaged by broken or bent pins.

5、 When the device is switched on and off, there are interference wrinkles on the screen

Generally speaking, the appearance of this phenomenon is caused by the signal interference of the display card, which is a normal phenomenon, and the user can solve it by automatically or manually adjusting the phase.

6、 Black spots the size of your thumb appear on the LCD screen

Most of this phenomenon is caused by external squeezing. Under the pressure of the external force in the LCD panel polaroid deformation, the polaroid properties like aluminum foil, will not be concave after their own bounce up, resulting in the LCD panel in the reflection when there is a difference, there will be gray part, this part is easy to find under the white screen, the general size is ten square millimeters, that is, the size of the thumb. Although this phenomenon will not affect the service life of the LCD screen, but users should pay more attention to, do not use the finger to press the LCD screen.

7、LCD advertising machine has no sound

After this problem, the user can open the back cover of the advertising machine, use a multimeter to check whether the effect on the driver plate is energized, and then check whether the connection of the horn line is normal. If the loudspeaker noise is very large, it indicates that the advertising machine driver has been damaged, to be replaced immediately.